Organic Maple Syrup Brings Peace of Mind to Families Challenged by Autism

This week’s article is a contribution from Behavior Analyst Jamie Lynn Melillo in recognition of April being Autism Awareness month. 

Jamie is the Founder and Executive Director at Hope for Autism Foundation. She has advanced graduate attendance at CSULA, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, UC Denver, HKUST, and USC. She comes with a 20 year background in neuroscience, applied behavior analysis, clinical counseling, private-public partnerships, K-12 school and outpatient program design. Her work has been recognized by senators, congressmen, and major universities.

She is a legislative task-force author, bestselling author, book and screen play ghostwriter collaborating with many well-known doctors, lawyers, politicians, and marketing companies. Her latest book, Hope for Autism, is a profound story of triumph for the mental health community. She is endlessly dedicated to transparent advocacy for those who struggle with mental health issues. Civil and humanitarian rights for the under privileged are her life-long passion.

Organic Maple Syrup Brings Peace of Mind to Families Challenged by Autism

Jamie Lynn Melillo, EdD-C, LMFT, Behavior Analyst

The Truth about Autism

Autism effects more than 75 million individuals worldwide with rates reaching 1 out of every 45 children born today (Autism Society of America, 2015).  Most of us who have children with autism try many interventions along the journey, especially since there is no known cause or cure yet.

What we have discovered on this journey is how diet impacts their overall health, behavior, and sleep.  Diet is one of the most important priorities to families like ours. We strive for a diet rich in organic, nutritional foods.  We search for solutions despite the many intolerances and sensitivities unique to each individual.

Sweetening Food Can be Tricky

Solutions to sweetening food can be tricky with so many diet restrictions for families challenged by autism. Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, M.D., dedicated autism specialist to so many of us, humorously reminds us, “finding a healthy refined sugar replacement brings peace of mind to the picky eater symptom we love most in our kids.” It is exciting to report to Dr. Jerry Kartzinel we found a pure, organic natural sugar substitute.

It is equally important for those with autism to have a variety of healthy, sweet options now that science is discovering so much about the brain gut connection.  Harvard researchers remind us that individuals with GI related illnesses perceive pain more acutely than others because their brains do not properly regulate pain signals in their GI tract.  These new scientific discoveries in relation to healthy sweetener options to optimize our gut-brain connection prevents both disease and emotional expressions.

Finally Peace of Mind

The truth is families challenged by autism strive for a healthy community overall. We have learned healthy, ethical choices is what is is all about. The mission of companies, such as Maple Valley, to produce and market the finest organic products with fair and sustainable methods, not only respects lives and environments, but finally brings peace of mind to families with autism.

The author & her family.
The author & her family.

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