Meet our Shipping Manager: Nicole
October 11, 2018

For this, our last Getting to Know You installment here on the blog (for now), we are introducing you to our Shipping Manager Nicole. She is the most recent addition to our team, having only been here for about 5 months. Nicole’s positive attitude and easy-going ways have been a wonderful addition to the team. Each day she processes orders with a smile on her face. We don’t know what we would do without her. Read on to see how she ended up in Wisconsin and found herself a part of the Maple Valley team!

Making the Move

It has been three years since Nicole moved to the Cashton, WI area from Colorado to be closer to her family and give her children a change of pace. For the first couple of years, she focused on direct sales and being there for her family. She helped them get setup on the farm they had inherited from her grandparents with goats and chickens, and showed her kids how to care for them. Over time, however, she decided it was time to get away from direct sales, so she began her search for a local job.

She saw the ad for a Production Assistant position at Maple Valley Cooperative on Indeed one day while she was browsing. Her first thought was “Wow! I love maple syrup!” and she decided to send in her resume. A couple of weeks later, she got called in for an interview. She was surprised by all of the things going on at the headquarters. Where she had expected to find only an office, there was a full production warehouse. She was drawn to the flexibility of the job and the passion the people who worked their showed for their jobs. She decided to take the job.

Something New

Nicole preparing a shipment.For the first couple of weeks in her new role, Nicole focused on learning the product variations, sizes, and types. She learned the proper packing technique for glass bottles, which was much different than packaging the clothing she used to sell. Once she had a grasp on shipping, she started to help with production. She learned to label & fill bottles and build boxes. She also started helping with building pallets and wrapping them.

In her experience selling clothing, she had been in charge of sales, marketing, packing, shipping, and invoices. Because of this, it was very natural for her to expand her role at Maple Valley. She took on customer service as well as processing incoming orders. It wasn’t long before she was given the title of Shipping Manager. Now in charge of the entire shipping process from start to finish she can anticipate what is coming and ensure that every order is well managed from start to finish.

The Future & Beyond

Nicole & family group hug.In the future she would like to see Maple Valley continue to grow, and her role to grow with it. She hopes to continue to grow her skills and knowledge so that she can process orders with greater efficiency. She also hopes to find a streamlined packaging solution to minimize storage.

When she isn’t at work, Nicole likes to spend time with her husband Jack & two children ages 12 & 9. They like to be outside, work on the farm, and explore the area. In the winter, much of her time is spent on the children’s hockey hobby.

“Growing up, the organic lifestyle was very important to my mom. Until I had kids, it didn’t click. But now, with kids, I want to provide them with every opportunity to live that as well. Knowing what I know now, the things that go into our food, less is more.” – Nicole

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