3 Gallon “Bag In Box” Amber & Rich



3 gallons of syrup in a long-lasting, shelf-stable box! The airtight inner bag needs no refrigeration. Easy to use “no spill” spout. 100% recyclable packaging.

Blended from the first sap of the season, our Grade A Amber Rich maple syrup has a golden amber color and a smooth, buttery maple flavor. Some folks prefer the light and sweet flavor of Grade A Amber Rich for table syrup and general use. Organic certification ensures biodiversity, the health of the forest, and nutritious maple syrup.

Maple Valley carefully crafts delicious blends of the finest maple syrup available. Generally blended from woodland sap drawn early in the season, Our Grade A Amber, Rich maple syrup presents an amber color and smooth, buttery maple flavor. Our Grade A Dark Robust syrup has a darker color and a hearty, full-body maple flavor. Organic certification insures biodiversity, health of the forest, and nutritious maple syrup.