The Master Cleanse Coach by Peter Glickman


The Master Cleanse Coach by Peter Glickman shows you how to get the maximum benefits from the detox regime that hundreds of thousands of people have used for decades. Peter, who CBS National News called a “modern-day guru of the Master Cleanse”, has personally coached thousands of people on the Master Cleanse. His mission is to share this wonderful, low-cost method of detoxification for the modern world.



The Master Cleanse Coach CONTENTS:

Part I: Key Coaching Points

    • What You Need To Know To Do A Good Job
    • What you should and should not say
    • Who should and should not do the Master Cleanse
    • For best results, do not change the Master Cleanse. Beware of alterations!
    • What are detoxification and detox symptoms?
    • What is and is not a detox symptom?
    • Should you encourage someone to continue or quit?
    • Why does the Master Cleanse work?
    • Where can you find good answers to the most common questions?
    • Coaching Tips

Part II: How to Do the Master Cleanse

    • Shopping List
    • Quick Start
    • More Details
    • For Those With Diabetes or High Blood Pressure
    • Detox Symptoms – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    • How About Only Five Days? Can We Make a Deal?
    • The Agitator and the Rinse Cycle
    • The Master Cleanse Is Not for Everyone
    • If Detox Symptoms Become Unpleasant
    • Headaches
    • When It Is Not All Coming Out as Planned
    • The Twelve Most Common Pitfalls
    • What to Expect Day by Day
    • The Detox Diet Scale

Part III: Can I Ask You a Question?

  • Acid / alkaline balance / pH?
  • Adding anything to the MC
  • Additional Benefits – A reset button for the body
  • After the cleanse
  • Agave nectar vs. maple syrup
  • Anti-depressants
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Beyond 10 days – Can I go longer than 10 days?
  • Boredom
  • Bowel Movements, eliminations
  • Breaking the Master Cleanse
  • Bronchitis, asthma
  • Brushing your teeth on the MC
  • Candida / yeast
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cheating
  • Chemotherapy
  • Chewing gum
  • Chills – feeling cold
  • Cleansing length: Why 10 days? Can I do less?
  • Colonics
  • Cooking for others
  • Cramping: Abdominal & menstrual cramps
  • Detox symptoms
  • Detoxification – What is it?
  • Diabetes
  • Diarrhea
  • Emotional detox
  • Emotional eating
  • Exercise, running, and weights
  • Friends and family
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches on first days
  • Health – attitudes about
  • Hemorrhoids
  • High blood pressure
  • Honey
  • Hunger vs. cravings
  • Hypoglycemia / low blood sugar
  • Infertility and the cleanse
  • Interrupting the cleanse
  • Intestinal / abdominal cramps
  • Laxative tea
  • Lemons – How many do I buy?
  • Madal Bal syrup / Neera cleanse
  • Maple syrup cravings
  • Medication
  • Mucoid plaque
  • Nothing happening on MC
  • Osteoporosis
  • Other cleanses
  • Parasites: Will the cleanse get rid of?
  • Passing gas – Warning
  • Protein
  • Quitting on detox days
  • Salt water flush
  • Shopping List
  • Skin
  • Smoking & the cleanse
  • Spiritual experience
  • Starvation – Isn’t this starving yourself?
  • Substitutes for maple syrup
  • Teas on the MC
  • Time between cleanses: How soon can I do it again?
  • Tingling or pain in the teeth
  • Tongue coating
  • Weight loss
  • Women’s issues
  • Word of mouth

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