Recipe of the Week: Maple Kettle Corn

This week’s Maple Kettle Corn recipe comes from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. Check out the original recipe here and read on to see how our trial of the recipe went!

Maple Kettle Corn

Time for another festive, summertime recipe of the week: Maple Kettle Corn! Carolyn here, having all the county fair feels. I don’t know about you, but the kettle corn stand at the fair was a must-visit for me each summer. This version is a great way to swap traditional sugar for a more nutrient-dense alternative: maple syrup!

Plus, can you beat that golden caramel color?

Making Maple Kettle Corn at home is pretty straight forward: you only need popcorn, cooking oil of your choice (I used coconut oil), salt, and (of course) maple syrup. I assembled my ingredients and set to work.


First, warm the oil on medium-high in a heavy-bottomed pan with a lid. Here is one spot I would improve on next time: get a bigger pan! Mine was a little too small for this so I ended up with some extra toasted pieces.

Place two kernels of popcorn in the pan. Once they both pop, the oil is ready. Remove them and dump the rest of the corn into the pan. Remove it from the heat for about 30 seconds, shaking to coat the kernels evenly in the oil.

Cooking the Corn

Once back on the heat, wait until the corn starts popping frequently. Remove it from the heat again and quickly stir in the maple syrup and salt.

I would highly suggest all kids/pets are out of the way for this part. There’s a lot of hot hot hot steam and some potential for hot oil splattering. Be careful!

Place the pan back on the burner and shake the pan frequently to prevent burning. Once there are 3-5 seconds between pops, turn off the heat. Shake one more time for good measure and dump the corn onto parchment or waxed paper. Let it cool a bit, then eat up!

Maple Kettle Corn Ready to Eat

Have you ever made kettle corn at home? Would you try it with maple? Let us know below in the comments!

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